EcoFuel Laboratories has a division dedicated to the application for research findings and their transfer to practice, whether in the form of custom manufacturing, contracting development or production of own or private-label brands of micro-algae, medicinal plants and bioactive substances based products.



Bioreactors enabling microalgae to be cultivated under controlled photoautotrophic conditions. Bioreactors can be manufactured in modifications based on individual customer needs.

Laboratory Photobiorector FBR1

Designed for research activities that allow for the parallel cultivation of up to 10 algae at controlled temperatures, intensity of light, colors of LED lighting, and the flow of air / CO2. Volume of culture columns are 10x350ml.

Pilot FBR2 photobiorector

Designed for research activities, semi-operative cultivation and rapid preparation of higher amount  of inoculum. Equipped with temperature control, light intensity, color lighting and air / CO2 mixture flow. Automatic regulation of CO2 dosing depending on the growth of algal culture. Culture cultivation volume is 50 liters.

Operational FBR3 Photobiorector

Modular open photoreactor with unique thin-layer design is mainly suitable for the production of fast-growing strains as well as extremophilic algae and cyanobacteria. The system is characterized by high growth rates and harvest concentration. Suitable for small- and large-capacity cultivation, modular technology for easy scale-up..

Cross-gradient photobioreactor FBR4

Unique patented microalgae research system that allows tens to hundreds of experiments to be carried out in parallel, with changing temperature of cultivation and intensity of light exposure. 

The system enables very rapid optimization of the cultivation conditions.



EcoFuel due to participation in the BIORAF projects has access to collection of technologically useful microalgae and cyanobacteria, including dozens of microalgae species with identified biologically active substances produced by them and metabolomic library data available. These microorganisms have a great potential in the production of cosmetics, feeds or dietary supplements, and many of them are patent-protected.

On the basis of symbiotic microorganisms from these collections, patent-protected plant protection products have been created with trade names FERTICANN and MICRO-SYMBIOTICS.



As part of the BIORAF research project and related development activities, a number of unique process equipments has been developed, which are in many cases protected by patents, among others:


Countercurrent multistage extractor

A device which allows a highly efficient and rapid extraction of active substances from plant materials with a wide range of solvents (water, ethanol, hexane, isopropanol etc.) at temperatures of -30 ° C to 120 ° C and various operating pressures.



Cascade of continuous stirred reactors with immobilized enzymes for the enzymatic conversion of vegetable and animal oils to biofuels.


Hydrolysis reactor

The device enables one-pot high-pressure sterilization followed by enzymatic hydrolysis of cartilage for preparation of human and veterinary joint nutrition.



New product brand, manufactured by Ecofuel Laboratories NEOBOTANICS® includes a range of dietary supplements and cosmetic products based on microalgae and extracts of medicinal plants. The brand NEOBOTANICS contains a number of "green foods" like chlorella, spirulina, green barley or green wheat. "Superfoods" such as cannabis seeds, chia seeds, dried mulberries, golden berries and goji and their mixtures, food suplements such as Omega-3 capsules from polar plankton and cosmetics - gels, balsams and cannabis-containing serums, magnolia extract based products for sensitive skin or seaweed peel-off mask. For more information, please visit

Unique patented enzymatic technology has been developed to convert chicken cartilage into bioactive compound HyaTide, which has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, naturally combining hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulphate and low-molecular peptides, useful for joints nourishing and anti-aging nutrition and cosmetic products for both human and animal applications. 


For many years, Ecofuel Laboratories has researched functional plants and uses research results to develop and produce own products. We know that the unique properties of microalgae and medicinal plants are not an automatic guarantee of high quality food supplements and cosmetics made from them. It depends on the quality of the source, its processing and storage. We are aware of this, and thanks to our own laboratory and the excellent background of our project partners, we are able to provide high quality & tested raw materials for our products, free of contamination, pesticide residues and mycotoxins.

In the ocean a large variety of micro- and macro-algae grow in extreme conditions. They are exposed to strong UV radiation, coping with the rapid change in water temperature, deep in the ocean withstand high pressure, tide and can survive for several hours at full dry. Algae that live in these abnormal conditions have developed unique protective mechanisms. And these properties can be applied to cosmetic products through extracts from these algae.

Another fountain of unique active substances is cannabis and EcoFuel is focused on research and use of non-psychoactive cannabis active compounds in cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. EcoFuel posses a broad range of EU approved cosmetic products containing cannabidiol.

EcoFuel Laboratories has a unique set of laboratory and processing equipment for the development and formulation of liquid food supplements, microemulsions, nano-micellar and liposomal encapsulated active compound application forms as well ad final cosmetic products such as serum, body milk, creams, gels and balsams. Company services includes product stability and bioactivity testing and preparation of documentation and product certification.


For novel bioactive substances it is necessary to assess their biological effects as well as study the bioavailability of new application forms for the organism. EcoFuel use range of modern in-vitro assays to test anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, cytotoxic (anti-cancer) and other activities. Available is broad analytical testing and targeted and metabolomic analysis of the content of active substances or contaminants (mycotoxins, pesticide residues etc.) in both raw materials and products. A number of these tests are carried out in cooperation with academic partners on accredited laboratories.

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